SM, PM, & MM Fiber Optic Pigtails

Berkshire Photonics provides specialty fiber optic pigtails for various applications. Pigtails are available with single-mode, polarization maintaining, multimode step index, and multimode graded index fibers. Single-mode pigtails are available with flat, PC, UPC, or APC connectors. SM pigtails are widely used for splicing and testing. Berkshire Photonics also offers large core pigtails with your required fiber, connector, and distal end finishes. Please see additional information below or contact us for more information.

SM Pigtails

Part Number: 50XX


Single-mode pigtails can be made with standard SM, bend insensitive, high temperature, reduced buffer, select cutoff, and reduced clad. These pigtails can easily be spliced to existing lines. Custom lengths and connector polishes are available.

PM Pigtails

Part Number: 52XX


Polarization maintaining single-mode pigtails are available with various wavelength fibers and a FC/PC or FC/APC PM connector

MM SI Pigtails

Part Number: 54XX


Step index silica/silica pigtails can be made with standard or high powered connectors on proximal end. Distal ends can be cut, cleaved, or polished.

HPCF Pigtails

Part Number: 56XX


Hard clad pigtails are available from 200µm to 60m. Standard pigtails are available with SMA connectors and a cleave on the distal end, however custom configurations are available.

GI Pigtails

Part Number: 58XX


Graded index multimode pigtails are available with customer required fiber, jacketing, and connector. They are typically used for data communications applications.