Beyond Fiber

A Partnership Twelve Years in the Making

February 09, 2018

Berkshire Photonics is proud to announce our partnership with Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company. YOFC was established in May 1988 and is the world’s largest provider of optical preforms, fibers, and cables. They have a large and diverse product catalogue spanning various markets and applications. We will begin by offering YOFC specialty singlemode fiber, including polarization-maintaining fiber, as well as graded and step index multimode fibers. These fibers will be offered as stand alone products as well as in assemblies and coils. However, custom fibers, cabling options, and components may be available upon request.  

Berkshire Photonics has been using Yangtze’s specialty singlemode fiber internally for over a decade in custom coils and enclosures. With their expansive product offerings and dedicated technical support we have been able to react to size constraint challenges as well as solve high positive dispersion problems in legacy installations. We are excited to see what their quality products and optical expertise will bring to the team. Berkshire is confident that adding YOFC to our roster will take our products and our customers Beyond Fiber.