Industries Served

Application Expertise

Berkshire Photonics produces a wide selection of products for use in a number of diverse industries ranging from spectroscopy to telecommunications. Many of our products are manufactured on site, allowing us to provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs, whatever they may be. We work closely with our customers to ensure they have the right fiber and components for their application. Berkshire Photonics is especially experienced in servicing the industries below.


Berkshire Photonics offers a full line of distributed temperature sensing systems (DTS) which replaces the use of thousands of single point electrical thermal sensors with one optical fiber.  Our line of optical fiber assemblies combining single & multi-mode are superior for use in spectrometers.


Oceanographic Temperature monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Data Center Temperature Monitoring

Pipeline Monitoring


High Altitude Atmospheric monitoring

Road tunnel fire monitoring

Geothermal Plants

Manufacturing process of carbon fiber thermal curing




Berkshire supports a number of custom applications within the telecommunications market place starting with dispersion management, optical delay lines, connectorization of almost all of the standard and non-standard interfaces, bend insensitive single-mode, polarization maintaining and high temperature single-mode fibers.  We also offer reduced buffer and 80um clad single-mode.

Dispersion management




Site Diversity

Industrial Networking

Berkshire Photonics provides an array of products for use in the Industrial field including optical fibers for use in programmable controllers and application based communication links, in addition to many other applications throughout the industry.

Wind turbines         

Video transmission systems

Copper & Coal Mines      

Factory Automation

Fire Prevention                

Flame-monitoring systems

Programmable Logic Controls    

Oil platform control